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What's the Deal with QIXO?

Were you looking for Qixo is an airline search engine that came out quite a few years ago (and hasn't been updated much since.). Quixo (our site) has travel guides, articles, reviews, graphic design services and blather. Here's the deal.

When QIXO was established some time around 1998, they somehow forgot to purchase the domain name About that time we were searching for a punchy domain name to sum up our quirky idealistic view of the world. Quixo it was.

Unfortunately it seems to be challenging for people to type "QIXO" without including the 'u.' So whenever QIXO gets some press, we get droves of confused visitors. And we get lots of odd email and customer complaints. In fact, even Qixo employees mess up, so we get tons of misdirected emails.

Sorry, we can't really recommend QIXO -- they charge fees if you book flights through their searches and we've had some bad experiences with them. But we do really like, and As travel lovers, we also have a review of the rest of the best cheap airfare websites.

So I'm glad you found us even if it was by accident! You may want to try one of these sites to fine a cheap flight. Enjoy your stay.