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Your Guide: Catherine Criolla
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This Quixo Peru guide contains information on travel and archaeological destinations of portions of highland and coastal Peru. The information is based on one person's experiences and opinions. It deals with only a few of the more amazing places in Peru, and it is focused on archaeological attractions and to some extent history and culture. The travel information is not systematic, and it is not guaranteed to be correct or up to date (things sometimes change quickly in Peru). The book recommendations will hopefully be useful, and the links to other websites are among the best out there, although they are, of course, uneven in their quality and coverage.

This guide's content was developed by an archaeologist who lives in the United States and travels often to Peru, sometimes leading relatively luxurious tours but often traveling on a budget. It is based largely on responses to questions asked by students, tour members, and friends traveling to Peru. The information presented here is not meant to replace other sources of information, such as the Footprint Peru Handbook, but to provide a different perspective. People interested in any particular topic discussed can follow the book recommendations and the web page links, which will hopefully lead you to the information you want. There are links in this site to a range of websites that may include photographs, more links, summaries of archaeological information, and information on periodicals and related materials. I hope that you will use the guide as a step to learning more about Peru, to finding good books about Peru, and perhaps planning a trip there. It is a wonderful place.

Throughout the rest of this site, I will be referring you often to sections of the Footprint Peru Handbook, This (or it’s cousin Footprint South American Handbook which includes Peru) remains my recommended guidebook for those traveling to Peru on their own. In my experience this series has the most up-to-date and accurate information of all the guidebooks. That said, even this one contains errors and out of date information, but they are usually about less visited destinations. Be aware that neither the Peru Handbook or most of the other guides out there is updated every year (although the South American Handbook is). Whether you decide to use this one or another one, always check the date of publication of any book you decide to use as a guide for practical travel information about Peru and other Latin American destinations, and be aware that no guidebook is perfect.

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