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Graphic & Web Design Services

Quixo Design offers surprisingly suportive Graphic Design and Web Design Services. We can help walk you through complicated design projects and even serve as consultant to help organize your project, request RFP's and hire the right team. We can help you build your vision, put it in print and launch it onto the web. or call 310-663-6479.

Quixo Design offers the following services:

Graphic Design — Create distinctive looks for your printing projects including, cd packaging, dvd packaging, invitations, posters and more.

Website Design — Quixo Design not only designs engaging interfaces that support and enhance your vision. Quixo also offers support, from establishing an organized site architecture to helping build a search engine friendly website.

Web Applications — Custom functionality can be the most costly aspect of your website. Quixo can help you define and implement the most practical solutions that fit you budget and budget cycles.

Flash Design — Flash is the leading tool for presenting video, audio and custom animation on the web. You can do it all with Flash, promos, games, quizes and streaming video. Whether you need a complete Flash website or custom built elements, Quixo can help you build it the smart way.

Search Engine Optimization & Website Promotion — Quixo can help you optimize your website, market your site and start Pay-Per-Click campaigns. We closely follow the trends and standards of Search Engine Optimization and do not us gimmicks or illegal techniques that can get you banned.

Pay-per-Click — Pay-per-click is worth mentioning again. Did you know that you can get your website in front of any one who searches for specific terms that relate to your business. Pay-per-click is your most direct, effective way to advertise and connect with your audience. Let Quixo help you set up campaigns with Google Adwords and Yahoo Sponsored Search and see immediate results.

Viral Marketing — Some people try and use search engine tricks to get visitors to their sites. This just creates ugly websites that run the risk of getting banned from the search engines. Why not create good exciting content for your site? Work with Quixo to come up with engaging content that attracts attention.