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Climate Change Report Card

By Carla Wise, 7.2.2007
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I’ve been reading and writing about climate change a lot over the past 15 months.  As with most topics, there is a lot of information out there, some of it really useful, and some of it, well, garbage.  Sifting through it, I am especially interested in solutions: proposals, resources and actions to stabilize or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  I hope to post occasional news about cool things I find out here at Quixo.  If you have feedback or suggestions,

Climate Counts
A new nonprofit, Climate Counts, has produced a climate change score card to try to influence corporations and consumers.  You can find it at, and it ranks 56 companies of many different industries by how well they are addressing climate change. Climate Counts ranks companies based on four criteria: how well the company has measured its climate footprint, reduced its impact on global warming, supported positive climate change legislation, and publicly disclosed its climate change actions.  Scores can range from 0 to 100, and definitely hold some surprises.  Most distressing to me, Both IBM (score 70) and HP (59) are way ahead of Apple (would you believe 2?).  This hurts me, as I type this on my beloved Ibook.  Starbucks is looking pretty good, but Wendy’s gets a big fat zero.  Climate counts plans to update the list every year and hopes to encourage consumers to base their buying decisions on companies' climate change efforts.

Here is a link to a recent New York Times article on Climate Counts (free New York Times registration required).