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Thermal Coffee Maker?! No Duh. — I Found it on Amazon

Well, no duh. Make the coffee into a thermal pot so it doesn’t burn. Man, do I hate burnt coffee. And my got-it-on-sale-because-it-is-bright-yellow coffee maker has to be turned off after the first cup is poured or all is lost. Cold coffee is just a tiny bit better than burnt coffee…. Get Al Gore on it — it will save electricity too. This Braun KF600 Stainless Steel number is pretty tasty. (Yea it would make a good Father’s Day gift. But I’m holding out for a Proo If I Ran the Zoo Dr Seuss novelty tie.)

May 30th, 2007

Los Angeles Magazine calls Quixo.com Website of the Month!

Really!? Yea, we’re surprised too. It seems that Donald T. Sterling Graphic Design Foundation is striking a chord with many Angelinos who have been plagued by the gawd awful ads in the Los Angeles Times and elsewhere.

It looks bleak (did you see the self serving ads in which the Salvation Army is supposedly congratulating Sterling, but obviously rendered in the evil DTS style?). But we haven’t given up yet! Since we first started this campaign we’ve received widespread support and this site has served as a place for others to vent and share information. We’ve received reports that the ads are free to Sterling because the Times gets ad at Clippers basketball games. And we hear that DTS Corp insist on the crappy look of the ads. Supposedly designers at the Times actually dread getting the assignment. (Yes, the shocking news is that real designers may be involved here.) It is clear from the frequent sloppiness of the layout, the designers have given up hope.

So now that we have more momentum than ever, what will it really take to get these ads to change? Can the Los Angeles Times stand up for its integrity? Can the designers at the Times speak up or at least try to make the ads look nicer? Or, really, can’t Donald Sterling realize that his ads that proclaim to offer “most beautiful apartments in the world” actually send the message “tacky, poorly managed apartments brought to you by a megalomaniac?”

I have nothing against Donald Sterling (except for this ad thing). And I don’t know how well his apartments are managed or anything about his alleged bigotry or sex scandals. And honestly I’ve been disgusted by comments I’ve seen about him that sound anti-Semitic and just stupid. But I do know this: his ads are ugly, they make him look bad and I’m sick of looking at them! There are a few suggesions for how you can do your part here.

(Thanks Los Angeles Magazine!)

Oh, here’s the blurb from the mag:

From Los Angeles Magazine, June 2007
“Buzz Cut”
by Lesley Bargar
Website of the month: Hoping to ease the suffering of layout-conscious Angelinos, the offbeat online magazine Quixo has launched the Donald T. Sterling Graphic Design Foundation, which urges the Clippers owner and real estate mogul to employ a professional artist for his ubiquitous L.A. Times advertisements. The Quixo folks complain, “The ads don’t follow even the most basic principles of graphic design.” So far, Sterling hasn’t budged. Visit quixo.com to do your part.

1 comment May 21st, 2007

Free Creepy Comic to Post on Your Whatever

Ok, here’s a little experiment. You can get your free Creepy comic (as seen on our quixo home page) for your blog, myspace, whatever. What the heck, let’s see how this goes.

Oh, the comic remains copywrite Quixo Design and can’t be used for commercial purposes, printed or sold without permission. This is a limited edition, no warranty, no promises, beta release. If I get slammed, I’ll stop distributing the link code (so get em while they last). But hopefully it will just be fun for everyone.

Stick this code whereever you like to stick code and let me know how it works out (REMOVE the ‘x’ in ‘xsrc’ so that it reads ’src=…’):

<iframe xsrc="http://www.quixo.com/windmills/creepy.htm" mce_src="http://www.quixo.com/windmills/creepy.htm" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" style="width:210px; height:300px" marginwidth="0"></iframe>

May 14th, 2007

Creepy Comic Hits Quixo

What do you mean you don’t get it? He’s creepy, he dresses sharp and he’s got a throbbing helium-filled heart. Fun, right? And you can play with him. Pick your heart’s mood, make Creepy squat and a couple other things. Creepy was inspired by a song by Tin Hat Trio, sung by Tom Waits.
Tin Hat Trio & Tom Waits - Helium - Helium Reprise
& (on Amazon).

Creepy’s on the quixo homepage at the moment. And, for a limited time, you can have a copy of Creepy for your blog, mypage or whatever. Here is the code and instructions.
(When I first started Quixo.com it was a repository for my wacky crude animated Flash comics. Hopefully this will be the first of many more!)

May 14th, 2007

Outdoor Shower – I Found it on Amazon

Strathwood Teak ShowerIf you’re like me you love cool splashy summer fun and you have a neighbor who has remodeled their house so that you no longer have any privacy in your backyard. Maybe you’re just jealous that your neighbor has beautiful light wells and new modern fixtures or maybe you’re a little bitter that they circumvented local building codes. Or maybe you don’t really care but you like to stir up trouble.

That’s where the Strathwood Teak Outdoor Shower comes in. Yes you could just use it to rinse off after the beach or wash the kids when they get really muddy. And you could even put it in a discreet out of the way place with latticework screens around it to act as a trellis for butterfly-friendly vines and just enjoy washing yourself under the open sky. But I suggest leaving the shower out in the middle of your yard, waiting til your neighbor is home and showering in the nude. If you set it up in the middle of your lawn you can say that you are doing it to save water and help the environment. Oh, and have you ever seen those European made Outdoor Water Stations with optional sink, hose reel and shower attachment? Spiffy.

Outdoor Shower design bookUPDATE: You might want to check out this cool book on designing your own outdoor shower. You can also read the Outdoor Shower Design Book blog entry.

2nd UPDATE: The Strathmore is not currently available. So check out our new listing that includes Solar Heated Outdoor Showers, Cabanas and other models.

1 comment May 11th, 2007

Dog Solar Landscape Light Statue – I found it on Amazon

Solar landscape light is such an amazing innovation. Easy to install, eco-friendly and, as of this season, it is finally quite affordable. At last an environmentallyi friendly product that sells itself not because it is green, but because we are all lazy and it is easier than wired products.

Solar Powerd Dog Landscape LightWell, now that solar landscape lights have hit the big time, thoughtful product developers are taking the technology and making sophisticated decorative items that all modern households should have. For instance, take the Golden Retriever Dog Solar Landscape Light Statue. So life-like you’d swear an actual minature golden retriever was holding a lantern in your yard. One of a kind and available now from the good people at Winning Gifts, care of Amazon. I would suggest you buy it as a gift, but, as usual when gifting, how can you help but get one for yourself too?

May 9th, 2007

Castle in Spain — Parador Alarcon

Ever want to stay in a castle in Spain? Us too! So we did. Here’s a write-up on the amazing parador we found not too far from Madrid: Castle in Spain, Parador Alarcon with Kids. (Paradores are a system of historic buildings that have been converted to hotels and resorts. They are run by the Spanish governement.) We had an amazing time! The location was perfect for a short trip (by rental car) from Madrid. And the site was a perfect blend of history, culture and modern updates. Perfect for kids who dream of magic castles! See the  castle parador article for more! (Or check out our Spain fun facts, flights to Spain or Spain book suggestions pages!)

2 comments May 3rd, 2007

Spain Fun Facts!

We’ve just added Fun Facts about Spain to Quixo Spain! We’ve got it all — nuggets about Spanish food, pearls about la Movida in post-Franco Spain, and morsels on bird-eating bats and other animals of Spain. There’s stuff for kids (mmm chocolate!) as well as jaded adults. Enjoy!

21 comments May 2nd, 2007

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