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Sushi with kids in Los Angeles?

A couple of years ago we started a little guide to our favorite restaurants to visit with kids, babies and/ or toddlers in Los Angeles. It is a little Westside heavy, but, hey, that’s where we live. Looks like it has hit a chord because a lot of people are visiting. But now I need some help….

Where do you go in LA to get good sushi? Preferably in Santa Monica or on the Westside…. Oh, yea, and it should be kid friendly. I know it is a lot to ask, but we had a groovy little neighborhood spot in San Francisco that was a favorite when we had babies. But just haven’t found anything in Los Angeles yet. (I admit, we haven’t tried very hard. We’ve been stuck in a rut with the spots on the aforementioned list. And we’ve been cooking again. Wow, with bigger kids you have time to cook. Whoah….)

Any ideas?

Oh, and while your at it… where do you get great Chinese takeout? Excellent froo-froo pizza delivery (ya know, with veggies and unusual toppings)?

13 comments February 19th, 2007

Things to Do in Peru

Things to Do in Peru — has a nice ring to it. It is also the newest page in our Quixo Peru travel guide. It really covers all the bases — Machu Picchu, beaches, animals, great food, dancing, music, archaeological trips and more. Many great books and guide books are recommended along the way. Yes, much of this is covered in depth in other sections of the Peru Guide, but this pulls it all together for a nice outline of the kinds of activities you should consider when traveling to Peru.

February 19th, 2007

Graphic Design Tips for Non-Designers

Just posted a little article on Graphic Design Tips for Non-Designers. You know, lots of people lay out pages everyday for things like ads, scrapbooks, posters, powerpoint, ugly myspace pages… lots of stuff. And a friend recently commented that she couldn’t find any good general tips online. So here they are, an intro to issues like type, layout, colors and special points for dealing with print. It is very general but I think it hits the main issues. Let me know if I missed anything, or just plain got it wrong!

1 comment February 19th, 2007

Dan Zanes wins Grammy

I was thrilled to hear that Dan Zanes won a Grammy on Sunday night for perhaps his best album yet, Catch That Train!. We tout him highly on our Kids Music page. It sounds like he and Father Goose had a great time there! Like usual, he took the whole thing with hip casualness and had wise words to share, “We have such power in the creative community. And I just hope that when we got back to our homes that we will sing some songs together. The more songs we sing together the better chance we have for a peaceful America, and an America where everyone feels accepted.” (from the New York Daily News).

I also spotted this insightful little video on You Tube explaining one family’s love for Dan plus an interview with the man himself.:

February 14th, 2007

Blogging LA Joins the Ugly Ad Campaign

Blogging LA has joined our campaign and has come out against Donald Sterling Corp’s ugly ads in the Los Angeles Times. Our struggle is gaining momentum and, at this rate, the ads are bound to get, perhaps, a little less ugly by some time next year. Right on!

February 14th, 2007

Kids + Toddler Birthday Venues In Los Angeles (Santa Monica)

Our twins celebrate December birthdays so every year we consider a party in our yard or park or house. Then due to weather and our own sanity, decide we need an outside venue. Oh, and we’ve attended a couple partys here and there. So we decided to offer a list of some of our favorite birthday locations for kids and toddlers. I’m sure we’ve missed a few so please, send us your favorites.

This list has a Los Angeles + Westside focus. But if you have some great suggestions, we’re compiling other lists, so please don’t hold back!

43 comments February 6th, 2007

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