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Design Disease Pointer

Here is an absolutely brilliant web post on the disease of design. I have to say this guy’s got it bad. Graphic Design is not a flighty artsy field as some frequently think. It requires severe attention to detail and attracts some pretty focused people. Math, consistency, the ability to deliver files to a printer that are flawless. Plus an interest in, of all things, type. I have to say that I do not fall on the completely compulsive side of the spectrum. But I absolutely identify…. it is this obsession that compelled me to start the Donald T. Sterling’s ugly ads campaign.

Perhaps this will help friends and family of designers understand: The Disease of Design

January 29th, 2007

Peru Adoption Page Added plus Book Recommendations

We’ve added a page to our Quixo Peru Special Interests section. It provides excellent background info and advice on adoptiong children from Peru: Adopting a Child from Peru.

Also, we’re calling a little more attention to the Learning About Peru Section (book recommendations) . These book recommendations are one of the strongest parts of the site! This is a great list of the essential guidebooks plus general and academic texts about Peru’s history and culture. Not to be missed!

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Santa Monica Crows in the News

Just these week I posted a little article about the Crows here in Santa Monica. I had been curious about these amazing flocks of birds. Well, as I had suspected, some people are getting riled by them.

Santa Monica Mirror whining about crows

What do they want animal control to do, round up the crows in big nets? Poison them? Knowing Santa Monica liberals, by next week we’ll have a bird birth control program in place that costs enough to provide health insurance to all of the domestic help in Los Angeles. And the real reason this is happening? Our hedges are now so tall the crows are nesting in them.

Honestly, it is not that bad. Enjoy the fact that we have a little bit of nature here in the City. Or cut down your trees and replace them with native scrub.

January 26th, 2007

losanjealous.com takes up the cause!

Our fight to remove the ugly Donald T. Sterling ads from the LA Times has taken a giant leap forward as losanjealous.com has taken up the cause! Check it. Congratulations to everyone for your hard work! Onward!

UPDATE: Franklin Avenue is also on board! Someone else who really gets it. Right on. Si se puede!

January 24th, 2007

Crows take over Los Angeles!

At least it seems like it! Every winter crows take over our Santa Monicaneighborhood, having wild partie like a bunch of insane winged bikers. They gather in the evenings and mornings and if they choose our part of the neighborhood, the racket can be loud and intimidating.

So I thought I’d get to the bottom of it. I had a little conversation with Kimball L. Garrett from the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. You can read the Los Angeles Crows article here. Particularly poignant are Mr. Garrett’s comments at the end about the poor job we are doing protecting upland habitat such as sage scrub, grasslands, while we focus so much on wetlands. Sounds like a we’ll need to do another article! And feel free to leave you crow and other experiences in the comments!

Oh, one PS to the article. Just after completing it, our local crows were making a particularly big ruckus. Next thing we knew, a swarm of them flew over our heads chasing a huge hawk who appeared to be clutching something (or someone, ooh hoo ha ha). We don’t get big old hawks in our neighborhood very often, so it was pretty impressive!

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Wheel Throwing Pottery Class ANNOUNCEMENT

At the pottery studio where I’ve been taking classes, a great potter is offering to teach some very small, very hands-on classes. It will be a nice little intensive course combining instruction plus additional studio time. And the setting is great — a small studio and a creative environment. I really want to take this class so I hope we can get a couple more people who are interested! The time is flexible depending upon participants schedules — I’m hoping for mornings or evenings after 6pm. This class is for adults!
Starting February, 2007
+ Small Classes 4 to 6 people
+ $350 Includes:
- 8 – 2-hour sessions
- 8 – 2-hour practice sessions
- Initial 50 pounds of clay
- All work made in class will be fired and glazes are included

Instructor Jamie Weiss, a well-known New Hampshire potter has been designing and creating pottery since 1978. With 28 years experience he is teaching all levels of wheel throwing in this small, intimate classroom setting. Focus will be on individual need and interest.

Call 310-392-4626 to enroll. 50% deposit required to reserve a space. There will be daytime and evening classes. Times to be arranged to fit busy schedules.

Classes held at
Jennifer Joyce Pottery Studio
3028 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 392-4626
(near Trader Joes and accross the street from McCabes Guitar shop.)

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Comic Book Style Graphic Design

Here’s a nice inspiring tutorial on illustration techniques. Beautiful work combined with a helpful overview of the tools and decisions involved in producing custom graphics. Gomediazine Comic Book Style Tutorial. Brilliant. Also see their other tutorial.

1 comment January 9th, 2007

Quixo Peru Travel Guide

The Quixo Peru Travel Guide is now live! Our insider, Catherine Criolla offers opinionated tips and resources. Basically you get to peek into the resource folder of an archaeologist who frequently visits Peru and sometimes leads tours. There are tons of great, inspiring book recommendations as well.

Please share you experiences with us! We’d love to hear them.

12 comments January 9th, 2007

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