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Cheap Airline Tickets / Airfare Website Guide Updated

Our cheap airline ticket guide has just been updated. The reviews have been revised and the sites are a little better organized and easy to get to. As a convenience, we tried allowing visitors enter travel info directly into forms on our page, but it seems like people just don’t like using them — makes sense, seems untrustworthy. We also included lots of ads and offers, but, again seems like people just want to know about the websites and take care of business.

So now we just offer a clean list of the sites and their advantages.

Some make it easy to get to published fares (Orbitz.com, Expedia.com), others let you pick your own price (Priceline.com), while some negotiate fares for you (Hotwire.com), and others offer their unsold inventory (CheapTickets.com). Our favorite, Kayak.com, searches them all.

See the guide to learn more.
If you want to share your good and bad experiences with these websites feel free to leave a comment!


7 comments March 16th, 2007

Fun Facts About Peru added to Quixo Peru!

We just launched a new page — Fun Facts About Peru ! It has nice little nuggets about Incas, llamas, potatoes, the Andes and more. And, like the rest of the Quixo Peru travel guide, there are some really nice book recommendations so you can learn more. Two favorites are The Ancient Inca for kids and for adults The Conquest of the Incas by John Hemming. There’s also a nice coffee table book and a book about potatoes. Really.
Also, the Traveling with Kids in Peru section was expanded to include a packing list! The packing list would be helpful for any trip with kids but has some advice specific to Peru. We recommend a bunch of kids clothes and backpacks from Lands’ End and I know it looks like we are just a big Lands’ End ad, but we really shop there, they really have great stuff and we think you’ll find something you can use.

8 comments March 1st, 2007

Things to Do in Peru

Things to Do in Peru — has a nice ring to it. It is also the newest page in our Quixo Peru travel guide. It really covers all the bases — Machu Picchu, beaches, animals, great food, dancing, music, archaeological trips and more. Many great books and guide books are recommended along the way. Yes, much of this is covered in depth in other sections of the Peru Guide, but this pulls it all together for a nice outline of the kinds of activities you should consider when traveling to Peru.

February 19th, 2007

Peru Adoption Page Added plus Book Recommendations

We’ve added a page to our Quixo Peru Special Interests section. It provides excellent background info and advice on adoptiong children from Peru: Adopting a Child from Peru.

Also, we’re calling a little more attention to the Learning About Peru Section (book recommendations) . These book recommendations are one of the strongest parts of the site! This is a great list of the essential guidebooks plus general and academic texts about Peru’s history and culture. Not to be missed!

1 comment January 29th, 2007

Quixo Peru Travel Guide

The Quixo Peru Travel Guide is now live! Our insider, Catherine Criolla offers opinionated tips and resources. Basically you get to peek into the resource folder of an archaeologist who frequently visits Peru and sometimes leads tours. There are tons of great, inspiring book recommendations as well.

Please share you experiences with us! We’d love to hear them.

12 comments January 9th, 2007

Los Angeles Activities with Kids and Toddlers

We have a new guide: Los Angeles Activites with Kids + Toddlers . It has a Santa Monica / Westside point-of-view, but there’s a little for everyone, even folks visiting from out of town. Let us know if we missed anything!

59 comments December 20th, 2006

Best Restaurants with Kids!

We’ve listed our favorite restaurants with kids. So far we have a Los Angeles version (ok mostly Santa Monica and the Westside) and a small San Francisco list. Anything fun, silly, funky and GOOD.

So now it is your turn! Share your favorite kid joints. We’ll even give you credit. We’re not looking for chains here, unless they really do something special. Oh, and feel free to share your faves from other cities too!

9 comments December 19th, 2006

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