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Fun Facts about Fun Facts

Who doesn’t like fun facts? They are… well… fun. And factual. And for some reason they are popular.

Here on Quixo, we have of course, completely exploited them. We have Fun Facts About Spain, Fun Facts About Peru and even a tongue-in-cheek Fun Facts About Global Warming.

Early on we noticed that “fun facts” is a frequently searched phrase. But it has very little competition. There is a good reason for that. People searching for “fun facts” are not getting ready to spend money. So they aren’t worth anything to web publishers. They don’t generate ad clicks and they sure don’t sell product. But they are kinda like Top 10 lists — they are enticing to read and for some reason, even though they are always cheesy, people search for them.

Here is a Fun Fact about Fun Facts. They are absolutely tied to the school year. Check out this Fun Facts graph from Google Trends. I haven’t done any scientific research on this (yet) but I’m guessing kids need fun facts for reports. And teachers need fun facts for their lesson plans. And look, ‘animals’ and ‘geography’ follow the same pattern. Ooh, and check out the similar search trends for cliff notes, book report and bullies.

And here is another Fun Fact: Fun Facts do not pay off for webmasters. Before all you web content providers rush out to exploit this popular phrase, note that you won’t make any money off of it. Both the students and the teachers are searching, probably at the last minute for a class the next day. They aren’t about to spend money. They aren’t even gonna buy books because they don’t have time to get them delivered.

And one more Fun Fact about Fun Facts search trends. “Trivia” is much more popular than “Fun Facts.” And trivia and fun facts seem to trend inversely. I guess people are really into trivia during the holidays and slightly more into to it over the summer. And it must be more lucrative than fun facts — there is a lot of ad competition for that phrase in internet advertising programs like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. I bet websites sell all kinds of books and games related to trivia.

So get ready for the Fun Facts season, here it comes. And remember, here at Quixo, when we offer you Fun Facts (and Top 10 lists), we know we are completely pandering. And we also know we won’t make a dime off them.

August 29th, 2007

Fun Facts about Spain updated!

What is it people love about fun facts? I don’t know, but I do know they get a lot of attention here at Quixo. Our Fun Facts about Spain page has been updated a little. Still fun, still factual. There are items about food (of course), animals (and bats in particular), music (not flamenco, but the new wave/punk of La Movida Madrilena) and some basic geography items. There is stuff for kids but sophisticated adults should enjoy it too.

And, yea, the whole Quixo Spain guide is full of fun facts, really. You can find a slightly silly guide to Spanish meal times and business hours for travelers (with other cultural topics like smoking and air kissing), a Spanish language primer (also a bit quirky), and a write up about staying in a beautiful Spanish castle parador.

Hasta luego.

16 comments June 10th, 2007

Castle in Spain — Parador Alarcon

Ever want to stay in a castle in Spain? Us too! So we did. Here’s a write-up on the amazing parador we found not too far from Madrid: Castle in Spain, Parador Alarcon with Kids. (Paradores are a system of historic buildings that have been converted to hotels and resorts. They are run by the Spanish governement.) We had an amazing time! The location was perfect for a short trip (by rental car) from Madrid. And the site was a perfect blend of history, culture and modern updates. Perfect for kids who dream of magic castles! See theĀ  castle parador article for more! (Or check out our Spain fun facts, flights to Spain or Spain book suggestions pages!)

2 comments May 3rd, 2007

Spain Fun Facts!

We’ve just added Fun Facts about Spain to Quixo Spain! We’ve got it all — nuggets about Spanish food, pearls about la Movida in post-Franco Spain, and morsels on bird-eating bats and other animals of Spain. There’s stuff for kids (mmm chocolate!) as well as jaded adults. Enjoy!

21 comments May 2nd, 2007

Spain Book Recommendations added!

I know we just launched Quixo Spain last week, but we have so much more to add! Our spain book recommendations page just went up. It has recommended fiction to enjoy during your travels, Spanish / English dictionary recommendations, poetry (yes poetry is a fun way to learn Spanish. If you are a geek like me.) And some kids books that we enjoy. Yea, more Spain stuff is coming soon!

April 29th, 2007

Spain Travel Guide Launched

Quixo Spain is now live! We offer info on flights to Spain and travel within Spain, tips for lodging, including hotels, hostals, paradores and apartments, a cultural survival guide, Spanish language tips, and a guide to the best in Spanish food and resources to plan your trip to Spain.

Yea, we have much more in store, but we just had to get this out there to share with you. As always we appreciate your feedback!

7 comments April 25th, 2007

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