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Betty Lou’s Spirulina-Ginseng Balls are the Best

Betty Lou's Spirulina Ginseng Balls from AmazonBetty Lou bakes bountiful bundles of satisfying Spirulina-Ginseng Balls, so when you are buying Spirulina-Ginseng Balls, be sure to buy Betty Lou’s Spirulina-Ginseng Balls. They’re the best. I know Betty Lou makes all kinds of healthy organic sugar-free healthy snacks including lots of vegan items. And she has many other treats like Almond Butter Balls, Coconut Macadamia Balls and Fudgie Filbert Balls. And not just balls, she also makes all kinds of bars. I just thought it was kinda funny to find Amazon selling, of all things, Spirulina Ginseng Balls. But then I remembered they just started the new Amazon Grocery Store. And it looks like their store has a much wider health food section than say, Costco. You might not be able to do all of your shopping through Amazon Grocery — they only offer non perishable items. But it can be a good alternative, especially when you are looking for the cheapest prices on items you know and love. Oh, and it is covered under Amazon Prime! (Do you know Amazon Prime yet? It is completely worth it! Quick free shipping on all of your orders. I easily pay for it on a couple of last minute birthday gift orders a year. And you can share your membership with people in your household.) While you are at it you can order some Ka-Me Satay Noodles in a Microwavable Box — man those peanut satay noodles are good. Yea. From Amazon.

August 6th, 2007

Best Toys for Toddlers, Babies and Kids page updated

The new Best Toys for babies, toddlers and kids page has had such a great response so far so we’ve polished it up, added some pictures and added some detail. We list some truly great toys, several extremely trustworthy brands and our experiences with the best tricycles around. If you prefer natural, educational and durable toys over cheap plastic junk, this is the list for you.

AND this Top 10 Toy list is better than all rest — it goes up to 11.

July 30th, 2007

Outdoor Shower Design Book

Outdoor Shower design bookOk, I’m a little obsessed with outdoor showers right now. I mentioned a couple of fine showers you can buy from Amazon in a previous post on showering in your backyard. And now this nice little shower design book has come to my attention to help you design and build your own outdoor shower.

I had no idea that outdoor showers are becoming the hot new luxury item. I just know that my significant-other has a soft spot for them because as a kid she would visit their family’s homestead shack out in the Mojave desert and use an outdoor shower. Years later we visited Costanoa, a luxury fake camping resort where you sleep in tent cabins under electric blankets and use shared camp style deluxe bath facilities. The bath house floors are heated with radiant heat and you can shower (in private stalls) under the open sky. And now we are renovating our decrepit bathroom with that style in mind. Most of all I just remember as a kid, some of my favorite times were coming home covered in dirt, mud or sand so that I needed to be hosed off outside. Now I just need the time and energy to build a shower to make it more fun.

Beware– I’ve found that you may need a permit to build an outdoor shower. My plumber warned me that in Santa Monica (where we have a lot of very good strict building requirements) it is technically illegal to build a shower without proper drainage and permits. I need to find more info, but this action by the City Council points out that outdoor showers are really supposed to be used for recreational purposes like if there is a pool or sauna. But it shouldn’t serve as the primary shower for a granny flat. Who knew it was so complicated to hose off in your own yard? You have to admit though, it is important to keep untreated water out of our ocean! It is contaminated enough. So get your permits!

Anyway, this shower design book has received some nice reviews and I’ve got to order mine.

2 comments July 17th, 2007

Top 10 Toys + Gifts for Toddlers + Young Kids

Raising our twins, we had the opportunity to test out a lot of toys, in the field, in real time and under duress. We also really dislike disposable plastic toys and look for durable natural toys that will be well used. So here is the Quixo list of Top 10 Toys and Gifts for Toddlers and Young Kids.

And boy do I hate Top 10 lists. So I just had to make one. So of course I broke all the rules. Yea, there are 11, maybe more if you really get picky. And rather than pick individual items, I include my favorite toy brands instead of individual toys.

Worse yet, you’ll find trucks recommended for girls and dolls for boys. And rabid almost- sacrilegious criticism of Baby Einstein products. Look out!

(Also check the new Best Books for Toddlers, Babies and Young Kids page.)

1 comment July 10th, 2007

Free Creepy Comic to Post on Your Whatever

Ok, here’s a little experiment. You can get your free Creepy comic (as seen on our quixo home page) for your blog, myspace, whatever. What the heck, let’s see how this goes.

Oh, the comic remains copywrite Quixo Design and can’t be used for commercial purposes, printed or sold without permission. This is a limited edition, no warranty, no promises, beta release. If I get slammed, I’ll stop distributing the link code (so get em while they last). But hopefully it will just be fun for everyone.

Stick this code whereever you like to stick code and let me know how it works out (REMOVE the ‘x’ in ‘xsrc’ so that it reads ’src=…’):

<iframe xsrc="http://www.quixo.com/windmills/creepy.htm" mce_src="http://www.quixo.com/windmills/creepy.htm" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" style="width:210px; height:300px" marginwidth="0"></iframe>

May 14th, 2007

Creepy Comic Hits Quixo

What do you mean you don’t get it? He’s creepy, he dresses sharp and he’s got a throbbing helium-filled heart. Fun, right? And you can play with him. Pick your heart’s mood, make Creepy squat and a couple other things. Creepy was inspired by a song by Tin Hat Trio, sung by Tom Waits.
Tin Hat Trio & Tom Waits - Helium - Helium Reprise
& (on Amazon).

Creepy’s on the quixo homepage at the moment. And, for a limited time, you can have a copy of Creepy for your blog, mypage or whatever. Here is the code and instructions.
(When I first started Quixo.com it was a repository for my wacky crude animated Flash comics. Hopefully this will be the first of many more!)

May 14th, 2007

Outdoor Shower – I Found it on Amazon

Strathwood Teak ShowerIf you’re like me you love cool splashy summer fun and you have a neighbor who has remodeled their house so that you no longer have any privacy in your backyard. Maybe you’re just jealous that your neighbor has beautiful light wells and new modern fixtures or maybe you’re a little bitter that they circumvented local building codes. Or maybe you don’t really care but you like to stir up trouble.

That’s where the Strathwood Teak Outdoor Shower comes in. Yes you could just use it to rinse off after the beach or wash the kids when they get really muddy. And you could even put it in a discreet out of the way place with latticework screens around it to act as a trellis for butterfly-friendly vines and just enjoy washing yourself under the open sky. But I suggest leaving the shower out in the middle of your yard, waiting til your neighbor is home and showering in the nude. If you set it up in the middle of your lawn you can say that you are doing it to save water and help the environment. Oh, and have you ever seen those European made Outdoor Water Stations with optional sink, hose reel and shower attachment? Spiffy.

Outdoor Shower design bookUPDATE: You might want to check out this cool book on designing your own outdoor shower. You can also read the Outdoor Shower Design Book blog entry.

2nd UPDATE: The Strathmore is not currently available. So check out our new listing that includes Solar Heated Outdoor Showers, Cabanas and other models.

1 comment May 11th, 2007

Castle in Spain — Parador Alarcon

Ever want to stay in a castle in Spain? Us too! So we did. Here’s a write-up on the amazing parador we found not too far from Madrid: Castle in Spain, Parador Alarcon with Kids. (Paradores are a system of historic buildings that have been converted to hotels and resorts. They are run by the Spanish governement.) We had an amazing time! The location was perfect for a short trip (by rental car) from Madrid. And the site was a perfect blend of history, culture and modern updates. Perfect for kids who dream of magic castles! See the  castle parador article for more! (Or check out our Spain fun facts, flights to Spain or Spain book suggestions pages!)

2 comments May 3rd, 2007

Spain Fun Facts!

We’ve just added Fun Facts about Spain to Quixo Spain! We’ve got it all — nuggets about Spanish food, pearls about la Movida in post-Franco Spain, and morsels on bird-eating bats and other animals of Spain. There’s stuff for kids (mmm chocolate!) as well as jaded adults. Enjoy!

21 comments May 2nd, 2007

Spain Book Recommendations added!

I know we just launched Quixo Spain last week, but we have so much more to add! Our spain book recommendations page just went up. It has recommended fiction to enjoy during your travels, Spanish / English dictionary recommendations, poetry (yes poetry is a fun way to learn Spanish. If you are a geek like me.) And some kids books that we enjoy. Yea, more Spain stuff is coming soon!

April 29th, 2007

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