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New Onine Ceramics Gift Store for Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer Joyce, Santa Monica potter and ceramic artist, has launched a new online ceramic gift store! I take ceramics classes at Jennifer’s Santa Monica pottery studio and helped her set up the online store.

With the opening of the store, Jennifer announced some new designs and products. She has been working on some new glazes and designs including her Citrus line of bowls and mugs with a beautiful green texture on the outside and bright orange inside. I also really like the Moonscape bowls that have a stylish black and white texture outside and a blast of chartreuse on the inside.

Jennifer has also been working with a photo transfer technique in which the photo can be reproduced in sepia tones on tiles and ornaments. It has a very classic look and Jennifer adds beautiful glazed designs around the photos. Online she advertises pet memorial plaques and pet ornaments, but the process can be used for any photo.

Jennifer has also been working on a wedding section but it is not yet live. She can make custom bridal party gifts, on-of-a-kind table decorations and centerpieces. I also think her bowls and other table ware make a much better wedding gift than typical registry items.

A few of Jennifer’s ceramic sculptures and tiles are also available. And it is possible to sign up for pottery classes or purchase pottery class gift certificates.

February 15th, 2009

Pico Artists at Work in Santa Monica October 14

I’ll be doing a little demo at Pico Artists at Work! The day after my big art opening is a great walking tour of Santa Monica’s Pico Blvd based artists’ studios. Pico Artists at Work takes plase on Sunday October 14, 12 – 5 pm. Jennifer Joyce’s Pottery Studio will be open and my art will be on display!

I’ll be there from 12-2 and I’m going to do a little demo from 1-2. I’ll throw some shapes on the wheel and show how I connect them together and distort them to make my funky vases.

There hasn’t been much info online about it, but this showed up today. I don’t think this event has become too huge yet, but it sounds like a lot of fun. There are specific events for kids and children always enjoy watching artists in action. Hope to see you out there.

October 8th, 2007

unearthed, art pottery show reminder

Wow, the big pottery show is this week. Preparing for this show has been fun in so many ways.
Having a show has been a great incentive to make some nice new pieces. The new ones I’m completing this week are the best so far — though I shouldn’t say a thing until they come out of the kiln! I have some very large pieces that came together really naturally, from sketch, to wheel to glazing. I still can’t wait to see them after they are baked. And then I get to share them!

And this has been a great chance to invite people to a party and talk to all kinds of people about something I’ve been having fun with for a while. Putting this together has forced me to think about what I’ve been making and has helped me realize that there is a lot of intention behind it. I actually do have some kind of vision behind what I’m making. And since people are enjoying it, I have even more reason to make more.
So I’m looking forward to seeing friends and meeting some new people a the big opening this weekend — Saturday night at Jennifer Joyce Pottery Studio and Gallery. You can see the official unearthed pottery show site here. And read some blather about the pottery here.

1 comment October 8th, 2007

unearthed, my first solo art show

unearthed, art pottery exhibition, marc grobman at jennifer joyce galleryYou’ve got to come check out my first solo art show! I’ve been doing ceramics for a couple of years now and I guess people have been diggin’ it, so Jennifer Joyce offered me a show at her gallery!

Working in clay has been so satisfying — plunging my fingers into something substantial, away from the computer, in real life. And being able to create things that just ooze out of my brain. No flow charts, no code, no organization, no usability testing.

So, with complete disregard for utility or what anyone else thinks, I’ve somehow been making some nice pieces that people like. I don’t want to whine… I’m not quite satisfied with the work I’m producing. I feel like I’m just now starting to control the clay more than it controls me. But I’m pleased with enough that I’ll be able to fill a small room with some interesting stuff I’ve made.

Anyway, the show is called ‘unearthed’ and you can check out a few pieces of pottery at www.quixo.com/unearthed. You can give each piece a little spin with the fancy interactive-online-art-spinning-widget. And I hope you’ll join me at the opening Saturday, October 13, 5-8pm.

I try not to analyze it too much, but I like to think of it as punk pottery, all spiky and pock-marked. But, you know, not the punk rock of pure oblivion, destruction and fury, but more the throw out the rules, start over from scratch, anti-pop punk. And I’m sure you can see the other influences banging around in my head too. It is abstract but with enough direct connection to the natural world that the forms are sensual, grotesque and maybe a little humorous. The kind of thing you might find in the forest or under a microscope or possibly just after a meteorite has made landfall delivering artifacts from a lost or future civilization. Or whatever. I’m just making this stuff up. Come on out and you can take from it what you like…

Oh, and the art will surely be upstaged by the yummy munchables crafted by Stacy TenHouten who is firing up her new business, Butterlove Bakery.

2 comments September 19th, 2007

Eve Zeisel Los Angeles Exhibit Reminder

Just a little reminder that the Eva Zeisel exhibit at the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum is starting September 9 and running through the end of the year. There is more on Eva Zeisel and the Los Angeles exhibit here in my previous post.

We just returned from the opening and this exhibition is set up differently from the San Diego show. In San Diego the work was grouped thematically, but here Zeisel’s work is laid out chronologically. This made for a great tour led by Pat Moore, my step-mom and the founder of the Eva Zeisel Forum. I had heard all the stories before but never all at once, in order and with examples laid out so beautifully. While I’ve long appreciated the work, Zeisel’s biography really hit home tonight. Highlights of the tour include hearing her history including traditional apprenticeship in Hungary, imprisonment by Stalin and a conscious move against the coldness of Bauhaus and modernism. Gonna have to break out some of her books (listed here). Anyways, check it out before the end of the year. (and the circus exhibit, also now showing, is great fun!)

5 comments September 8th, 2007

Eva Zeisel exhibition comes to Los Angeles

Eva Zeisel’s body of work will be on display in Los Angeles in celebration of the industrial designer’s 100th birthday. The exhibition will run from September 9 to December 30, 2007 at the Craft and Folk Art Museum on Museum Row at 5814 Wilshire Blvd between Fairfax and La Brea. The show is coming from a run at San Diego’s Mingei Museum of Folk Art.

Eva Zeisel Book, Designer for IndustryZeisel is an industrial designer who, throughout the last century, has produced ceramic dinnerware for mass production. Approaching her 101st birthday, she continues to work from her studio in New York. Her strikingly simple organic shapes are so unique and personal, they are being presented at the Folk Art museums (unusual for mass produced items). In addition to dinnerware, Zeisel designs furniture and decorative pieces, crystal and tea pots, many on view at the exhibition.

I’ve come to admire Eva Zeisel’s work through my parents whose collection appears in the exhibition. Years ago they fell in love with some everyday china that had been used in the family in the 1950s. They got curious and, just a little naively oblivious to the fact that Eva Zeisel was already an icon in industrial design, contacted and befriended her. After years of crawling Ebay, thrift stores and estate sales they’ve amassed an extensive collection of her work and a brilliant network of Eva enthusiasts. They even started the Eva Zeisel Forum (formerly the Eva Zeisel Collector’s Club). (They have a Forum site and a site where they post their latest Eva collectibles up for sale).
There are some excellent books on Eva Zeisel. Eva Zeisel, designer for industry is a beautifully produced book with amazing photography. It is out of print but available through Amazon sometimes, so grab it if you can. Eva Zeisel by Lucie Young is a lighter read with a good amount of biographical information. It is a much smaller book but fun. If you want to hear it straight from the designer’s mouth, Eva Zeisel On Design is a much deeper look at the craft of industrial design, presented through various essays and articles by Eva Zeisel herself.

Eva Zeisel Nambe BowlYea, she’d an icon, she’s in museums and she is producing some very high end work that nobody can afford. But you can still buy her latest work. Nambe is currently selling a very sheik line including polished metal bowls, vases and various wine glasses and goblets. You can see them here.

The one I’m gonna pick up for is the Eva Teakettle, mostly because I really need a tea kettle.

Eva attended the opening in San Diego (which I missed) so I’m hoping she’ll make the LA event!

2 comments August 13th, 2007

Ceramics in Construction, Remodeling and Design

Jennifer Joyce Potter Studio WindowI take weekly classes with Jennifer Joyce in her Santa Monica ceramics studio. It is not easy being a traditional potter in Los Angeles. Amazed at the variety of work she produces I thought I’d share her work through a little interview. Jennifer creates all kinds of amazing sculpture and functional items in here studio. She hosts wine and clay parties and even helps Girls Scouts get their badges in pottery. But some of her most intriguing projects are larger scale works she produces for home construction and interior design. Check out this interview with Jennifer Joyce to learn a little more about the difference between creating small ceramic forms and large pieces for architectural use.

If you have any comments or questions, this is a good place for em.

July 23rd, 2007

Wheel Throwing Pottery Class ANNOUNCEMENT

At the pottery studio where I’ve been taking classes, a great potter is offering to teach some very small, very hands-on classes. It will be a nice little intensive course combining instruction plus additional studio time. And the setting is great — a small studio and a creative environment. I really want to take this class so I hope we can get a couple more people who are interested! The time is flexible depending upon participants schedules — I’m hoping for mornings or evenings after 6pm. This class is for adults!
Starting February, 2007
+ Small Classes 4 to 6 people
+ $350 Includes:
- 8 – 2-hour sessions
- 8 – 2-hour practice sessions
- Initial 50 pounds of clay
- All work made in class will be fired and glazes are included

Instructor Jamie Weiss, a well-known New Hampshire potter has been designing and creating pottery since 1978. With 28 years experience he is teaching all levels of wheel throwing in this small, intimate classroom setting. Focus will be on individual need and interest.

Call 310-392-4626 to enroll. 50% deposit required to reserve a space. There will be daytime and evening classes. Times to be arranged to fit busy schedules.

Classes held at
Jennifer Joyce Pottery Studio
3028 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 392-4626
(near Trader Joes and accross the street from McCabes Guitar shop.)

1 comment January 17th, 2007

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