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Donlad T. Sterling Homeless Center Investigated by LA Weekly

Donald Sterling Homeless Center Ugly Ad

In this week’s LA Weekly cover story Patrick Range McDonald investigates whether there is any meat behind the Donald T. Sterling Homeless Center ads. Our campaign to stop the ugly ads gets a little mention in the article. But the amazing thing about the Homeless Center ads is that real homeless service providers don’t know much about the homeless center, there have been no plans presented to the city about the homeless center, and, in fact, apparently Skid Row doesn’t really need another homeless center. I sorta mentioned this back when I first whined about the service center ads, “Donald Sterling is Homeless and Needs your Help.”

Now we find out that the ads are not just ugly, confusing and self-aggrandizing. They don’t really exist. But I’m sure Mr. Sterling is not intentionally keeping thousands of homeless people waiting for services. He is too busy designing his own ads.

This article is truly the best compendium of Sterling knowledge assembled to date and it gives us a window into how STERLING HIMSELF DESIGNS THE ADS!

“A business associate who often visited Sterling in his penthouse office in Beverly Hills in the 1990s says Sterling actually cuts and pastes many of the flamboyantly unattractive ads himself, with scissors, tape and marker. He has spent hours getting just the right look, sometimes elongating the images of buildings to look more Sterling-worthy. For years, Sterling paid half the going rate for space in the Times, according to the associate.”

(Check out the Weekly’s fantastic archive of Donald T. Sterling ads.)

March 19th, 2008

unearthed, my first solo art show

unearthed, art pottery exhibition, marc grobman at jennifer joyce galleryYou’ve got to come check out my first solo art show! I’ve been doing ceramics for a couple of years now and I guess people have been diggin’ it, so Jennifer Joyce offered me a show at her gallery!

Working in clay has been so satisfying — plunging my fingers into something substantial, away from the computer, in real life. And being able to create things that just ooze out of my brain. No flow charts, no code, no organization, no usability testing.

So, with complete disregard for utility or what anyone else thinks, I’ve somehow been making some nice pieces that people like. I don’t want to whine… I’m not quite satisfied with the work I’m producing. I feel like I’m just now starting to control the clay more than it controls me. But I’m pleased with enough that I’ll be able to fill a small room with some interesting stuff I’ve made.

Anyway, the show is called ‘unearthed’ and you can check out a few pieces of pottery at www.quixo.com/unearthed. You can give each piece a little spin with the fancy interactive-online-art-spinning-widget. And I hope you’ll join me at the opening Saturday, October 13, 5-8pm.

I try not to analyze it too much, but I like to think of it as punk pottery, all spiky and pock-marked. But, you know, not the punk rock of pure oblivion, destruction and fury, but more the throw out the rules, start over from scratch, anti-pop punk. And I’m sure you can see the other influences banging around in my head too. It is abstract but with enough direct connection to the natural world that the forms are sensual, grotesque and maybe a little humorous. The kind of thing you might find in the forest or under a microscope or possibly just after a meteorite has made landfall delivering artifacts from a lost or future civilization. Or whatever. I’m just making this stuff up. Come on out and you can take from it what you like…

Oh, and the art will surely be upstaged by the yummy munchables crafted by Stacy TenHouten who is firing up her new business, Butterlove Bakery.

2 comments September 19th, 2007

Commission Junction Shuts Down!

WTF? Commission Junction was becoming one of my favorite affiliate service providers. Then suddenly today the site totally choked. I’m lucky I have a little site I run for fun. But many businesses, including Commission Junction, are gonna lose thousands of dollars.

It appears these guys in the UK tried contacting them.

What happens is this: websites like mine who have affiliate links have big hole in their pages where ad banner images used to be, like on my cheap airfare website page. And then if someone clicks the hole where the ad used to be, the get nothing. The servers that forward the link clicks are down too. And the reporting servers as well. It is impossible to see the main Commission Junction site or any of the reporting and management pages.

Many pro sites build code into their ad serving so that if one network does not show ads, another network is pulled up. I bet many more sites will be implementing this now!

For my part I still hope Commission Junction can build their affiliate offerings. They do a pretty good job and provide a nice alternative to Link Share. Seems like a good thing to have both options available at this point!

UPDATE: as of 3 PM Pacific Time CJ seems to be up and serving ads! Hopefully they’ll have some kind of information about what happened.

August 11th, 2007

Blog Redesign

Hang with us as we update the Blog theme. It has always been the intent to synch up the style of the blog with the look of the site, but there is never enough time in the day. And, the way this Blog is hosted, we can’t really see style changes without doing it live. So… sorry if it is a bit messed up. Please let us know if you spot any strangeness or broken pages. Thanks!

June 12th, 2007

Quixo2.0 Goes Live

At last. Quixo gets a face lift. Quixo was first started in 1998 under the tag “interactive windmills.” The web was young and the site got its share of attention. InteractiveGrrrl’s attitude attracted attention from as far away as Australian tv. And we had lots of other fun.

Now Quixo is reborn as a fresh online magazine full of guides, lists and cheeky commentary.

2 comments December 18th, 2006

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